Ginger Pop: Getting Girlie

I’m not known for being overly feminine. Girlie activities like pedicures and chick flicks? Not so much. So when there are girlie things I like to do, I get embarrassed by them. I do them in secret to avoid scorn and being chased with sticks. However, I have decided it’s time to come clean about some of the super girlie stuff I enjoy doing.

1. Sleepovers–I love old fashioned, jammies, popcorn, and a movie sleepovers. Loved them as a kid. Love them still. I even have special jammies for such events. (And I have a planned sleepover with fellow Baraza babe Charlotte for this weekend. Squee!)

2. Nail Polish Color Names–I’ll admit it; I buy nail polish based on the names. And I don’t dig things like Ravishing Red. I want complete non-sequitur names like Keeping My Maiden Name and More Than a Waitress. My most recent purchase, for example, was Urban Decay’s Mrs. Mia Wallace.

3. Okay, Just Make Up General–When I was thirteen, my mom took me to the Clinique make up counter where I was instructed on how to do an age appropriate smokey eye. From then on, I was sold. The real game changer was purchasing Kevyn Aucion’s fantastic books Making Faces and Face Forward. These transformed the way I looked at make up. I still use them as reference. The Ava Gardner is my go to for day make up.

4. Shopping–I love shopping. Yes, it’s stupid. Sue me.

5. Flowers–My mom hates fresh flowers with a burning passion. So for years I have pretended I do too. Just between us? I love flowers. In particular, tulips, sunflowers, hydrangeas, and peonies. Heck, I’m even a sucker for traditional roses, especially in a beautiful shade of peach or fiery orange. J’adore.

What girlie things are you ashamed to admit you enjoy?