Happy Birthday Baraza, Part 3

For our last group celebration post, we all reflected on what being a part of the Baraza means to us.


For me, The Baraza began as the whiff of an idea. What has developed over the past year has been completely organic–we’ve shifted, experimented, and grown–individually and as a group–until I feel we’ve found a balance. While the Baraza was never intended to be just women, I love that it has evolved into a meeting place for women in different parts of the world, at different stages in life, on different paths. Opening my email each morning to see what the ladies have to say is the best thing to pair with coffee.

On a personal note, I can’t imagine my life without these women. Each one has given me the gift of themselves and their unique view of the world. Last week I got a message from one of the residents telling me how intellectually fulfilling she finds being part of this group. I’ll admit that I’m a sap, so I got a little teary. Being part of the Baraza means being part of a community that is bigger than one idea or person.

So to all the ladies from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being part of this, for meeting deadlines, for inspiring me, and for letting us into your lives. I can’t wait to see where we go next.

For me, the Baraza means new friends overseas (hopefully to visit one day!), so much interesting writing, and being exposed to wonderful creativity and writing every week day.  Being a writer for the Baraza has come to mean an awful lot to me very quickly – I love the sense of community that we’ve built as well.

That’s hard to say.  I know I’m proud to work with such a smart, funny, and widely varied group of women.  I really like the fact we all have such different interests, writing styles, jobs, and lifestyles that we all bring something unique to the table.  I think the Baraza means everyone bringing their perspective and uniqueness to the table and there being a place for it.  (And Liv, I hope you do come to visit soon!)

The Baraza, to me, means a place where we can all write about whatever comes to mind in any particular moment.  It’s uncommon common ground if that makes any sense at all.  We’re all so different and yet, we work well together.  I’ve enjoyed reading along.


The Baraza is a platform to share ideas, thoughts and experiences with our readers. Each post is written from the heart to entertain or inform. Or both. Personally, it is a way to engage with each of the amazing women that are residents with me and to read their stories. I’ve learned from each of them and look forward to continuing to share and write with everyone!

Like Liv, I love this community we have within the Baraza. And I feel so honored that they even asked me to join a group of writers in the first place! But we’ve got more than writing gone on here. I love looking over the week’s posts and enjoying the diversity we’ve created. Although I’ve only met half of the Baraza residents, I feel like I’m good friends with all of them. : )


The Baraza is a place where I can relax and just be me- in written form.
I’m not the reviewer’s wife, the schizophrenic’s sister, Mongo’s daughter… I’m just me.
Thanks to all our readers!