Tyrion- the super awesome foster pup


Last Monday I went to the local animal control shelter and literally carried out a 50 pound bundle of scared and abused dog.
My husband and I had talked about fostering animals- but it had been more of a “sometime” conversation.
Then Friday before last I get a call from my husband – he’s seen a photo of this dog on the shelter rescue’s Facebook page. It is a male shepherd mix who doesn’t have any time left.
So I say OK.
My husband heads down to the shelter – I meet him there.
We find out that we can’t take him home that day because he’s running a fever and needs to be checked out by the vet.
The poor dog was cowering in the back of his kennel.
But we had to wait til Monday – the sad puppy had to stay in the pound over another weekend.
So- Monday comes around. I call the pound to see if we can spring this pooch yet – and am told we have to wait until the afternoon.
So naturally – that is when it decides to pee down and thunder and lightening like it isn’t drought stricken West Texas.
And when the resuce calls to tell me that we can spring him they also tell me that he’ll need to go see the vet about his fever.
So – it is a freakin crazy thunderstorm and I am rushing from Odessa to Midland to get to the pound to meet the rescue lady to free the dog before closing time and then rush to the vet before their closing time.
I get there and this sad little dog is still cowering in his kennel.
My work clothes are well on their way to being soaked and my platform wedges are squeaking with moisture so I have no worries about getting in the kennel and trying to coax the guy out.
But he’s not budging. So I picked him up. And he let me.
He was so scared and defeated.
It hurt my heart.
I wobbled on my wet wedges through the rain and deposited the wet doggy mess in my backseat.
Because of the rain we couldn’t make it to the vet- so we just came home.
I again carried him- this time into the house.
This is when I noticed blood on my legs and pants.
On closer inspection the pups paws were bleeding. So I found the hydrogen peroxide and grabbed a warm rag.
One nail was missing completely and I could feel the scabs everywhere from the ticks that had apparently covered him recently. He was very thin and so very dejected.
He just cowered and tried to curl into a very tiny ball.
A very desperate for affection tiny ball.
We named him Tyrion.
Yes- from Game of Thrones.

Tyrion is doing so much better now. He was already house trained even. Took to the doggie door like a champ.
And I know we are going to find him an awesome forever home.

But if I could find any one of the people responsible for hurting him. For making him scared. I’m not sure I can articulate in a post what I would like to do to them without being arrested.

Tyrion is going to get a second chance.


But so many pups and cats don’t.
Rescue a pet – don’t shop.
And please for the love of all that is holy and decent spay and neuter your pets!
Don’t be responsible for adding more unwanted pets that have to fend for themselves.