I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie


I finished volume two of the Sandman Omnibus this weekend. It is a huge book, in size, number of pages, and weight. It may have been even bigger than volume one which I read over Christmas and was one of the reasons I had to take my big suitcase home for the holidays.

If you have an opportunity to read Neil Gaiman’s Sandman graphic novel series, do it. It’s mind-blowing, disturbing, and lovely, as all of Gaiman’s work is. He takes in hand Greek, Roman, Christian, Muslim, Scandinavian, Russian and other mythologies in hand to create something entirely new.

The series focuses on Dream of the Endless, one of seven immortal siblings who rule over their individual realms: Desire, Death, Destruction, Destiny, Despair, and Delirium. The series begins with Dream recently being released from a long imprisonment and returning to the dream realm to reestablish his reign while rebuilding his land. The story goes from there. You gotta love a series where Baba Yaga makes an appearance along with Shakespeare and efreets.

I want to give Gaiman a BFF necklace then go for coffee where we can hold hands and swap writerly secrets. I’m sure his wife wouldn’t mind. I think I will have to settle for re-reading American Gods and ordering his latest collection of short stories, Trigger Warning.