Sad Times

There have been two very scary events involving children over the past few weeks in the area I live in.  One ended tragically, the other did not thank goodness.

First, the happy ending.

There is a knock at the door and a 13 year old girl answers only to be grabbed and almost pulled outdoors by a complete stranger.  She has the presence of mind to fight, thankfully.  She kicks and probably yells causing him to flee the scene leaving her unharmed, but not unscathed.  Every time she answers a door for the rest of her life, she will remember that day.  She will never be the same.  Ever.  The community has no idea who this guy is, where he came from, or why he targeted her.  He is still out there.  Somewhere.  Free to find another unsuspecting little girl and try again.  It’s not for lack of trying that he hasn’t been caught.  Our police department is full of dedicated men and women who are doing their best to find him.  No one has any leads to follow up on.  I can’t imagine…

Next, the tragic ending.

There is a little girl, all of 5 years old, playing outside alone in the very populated apartment complex in which she lives with her family.  She doesn’t come home for dinner.  Her family, her neighbors, the police, and a team of volunteers with search dogs all canvas her apartment complex and the surrounding area to no avail. The search continues on through the night and into the morning until her small, lifeless, misused body is found in an abandoned trailer just a block or so from where she was last seen.  The community is still in shock.  I can’t imagine…

I know no one can explain these events.  No one can stop them from happening.  No one can heal the wounds left on the souls of those left behind or who have survived.  No one can make these sick bastards stop doing what they do. No one can right these wrongs. No one knows why they do it.

I can’t imagine.