Yoga With Kids

I love a good oxymoron as much as the next gal, but this one had me rolling. I thought I would share the experience so you can get a giggle out of it too.

So, there we were…Sunday morning and up at 0630 as we are every day of the week. People tell me I’m lucky that my kids let me sleep in so late. {insert shocked smiley here} I think, “Hm. This is a good day to get back into a yoga routine.” I find what looks to be a promising clip on YouTube (Energizing Morning Yoga) and cue it up on the big screen. This being the first time I’ve linked my account to the system, it took some prep, but no big deal…there’s zen on the way, right?

I find a toy-free spot & let ‘er rip (the video…sigh…not anything else). My momentary yogi advises me that I should “just take a moment to get my coffee or tea brewing so I can be fully present in the routine.” I try not to laugh (ok, snort) as I let my gaze travel over my kids knowing full well that if I get one set of sun salutations out of this, I’ll consider the experience a win.

My yogi (Myagi? Only some of you will fully appreciate that.) then instructs me to sit with my legs under me (special instructions for “cranky knees” which I appreciated) at which time my 16 month old begins to barrel towards me at full speed. She’s not yet walking, so she has mastered this scoot-lurch thing and is quite quick about it. My 4 year old sees her heading my way (her joyous squeal, “MOMMAAAYYYY”, upon seeing me hit the floor maaay have tipped him off just a teensy bit) and commences operation beat the baby (to mommy…nothing physical…yet).  I am unable to do anything other than brace for the impending, inevitable full body tackle in 3..2..umph. So much for relaxing my joints, lady.

I untangle and look for another spot in which to give it another go and assume the same (relatively) position as the instructor only to hear “MOMMAAAYYY!”


We tango for a few more minutes before I finally decide that the morning yoga routine is outside my realm of possibility and try a different tactic…kid yoga.  Sure, they’ll get into the kiddie yoga routine and I’ll get at least some basic positions in.

Couldn’t. Have been. More. Wrong.

Oh well.  Eventually it’s got to work out for one of us, right?