Spay & Neuter – it is the right thing to do

Is your pet spayed or neutered?

If your answer is yes – then you are an awesome person.

If your answer is no – Why?

Have you scrolled through Facebook or gone by your local animal control?

There are more pets than can possibly have homes found for them. There are adorable puppies and kittens that will never have a home.

So I ask again – why is your pet not spayed or neutered?

I’m going to list a few of the responses I have heard to this question – and my thoughts on them.

1) But my dog would miss his balls

Sounds like a joke – right? Nope – this exact phrase or a variation there of – usually uttered by a male owner of a male dog.

Stop putting your own male insecurity off onto your dog. Grow a pair yourself and do the right thing.

2) My dogs/cats don’t get out

That is so right… until they do. Accidents happen. This reminds me of parents who don’t discuss sex with their kids because “my kids aren’t doing that”… until their teenage daughter turns up pregnant.

3) But my pet is a boy.

Good for you – you know your genders. So I’m sure you also know that it takes a boy dog and a girl dog to make baby dogs (same for cats). So your intact male is part of the problem. He won’t come home pregnant – but chances are he knocked up some other negligent pet-owner’s cute pet or some stray. To throw in another human analogy – teenage girls don’t get pregnant all by themselves. Take responsibility for your own pet – neuter that fella.

4) I’ll just keep her in when she  is in heat

please see #2

5) but puppies and kittens are so cute

Yes – they are. But those cute puppies and kittens grow up and need homes and responsible owners. Are you ready to take responsibility for that? Taking care of each and every baby your unfixed pet produces? Those cute babies also grow up pretty fast and can be producing their own little babies before you know it.

And while they are undeniably adorable – there are so many of them already. So many looking for homes.

There are hundreds of animals in every community (thousands in some) looking for loving forever homes. Animals that have been abandoned by their owners. Animals that never had a home to start with. Animals who have been abused or neglected. Animals who have been left alone because of the death of their owner.

Pets are not and should not be fashion accessories or status symbols. They are a living breathing creature that requires a commitment. A lifetime commitment.

Are you ready to make that life long commitment to every pup or kitten your unfixed pet could produce?

Spay and Neuter.

Adopt don’t shop.



Now – I’m going to share my furry (and feathered) little friends (all of the cats and dogs are fixed)

Beulah – Boston terrier

She was tied up to a friend’s front porch – someone rang the doorbell then ran off. A beautiful sweet dog – who looks to have been bred once and then discarded.

Tyrion – Shepherd/rottweiler mix

Rescued from the local animal shelter – was supposed to be just a foster but we fell in love – a sweeter dog you will not find.

Earnest – chihuahua Pomeranian mix

Followed my husband home one day – never found owners – a dear sweet companion for 9 years. We just lost his loving presence this past Saturday.

Lillith – little gray kitty

Someone left her on a concrete light pillar in an Albertson’s parking lot  – her eyes weren’t even open – she’s 2 years old now.

Sinbad – African Senegal Parrot (37 years old)

This little guy has literally grownup with me – I love this little birdie.

Not pictured – Oscar – Siberian Forest Cat

born to a stray cat that took refuge at a friend of my brother’s house.


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