Beyond Baraza: Links We Like

Charlotte can usually be found lurking around book sites like  Good Reads and Twisted Sense. Occasionally she drops by The Impersonals to check out some funny stuff and Jacob’s posts at Televison Without Pity are a must.

Geneva Dummer recommends Find Your Balance Health, Mess for Less, Social Media Examiner, Ridiculously Efficient, and Under 30 CEO.

Amber Kelly-Anderson finds writing inspiration on Limebird Writers, Flogging the Quill, BookSquare, and Writing Fiction: The Passionate Journey. Tvgasm, Entertainment Weekly, Cultural Politics, and Pop Hangover provide lovely distractions from all that inspiration.

Erin King visits Cheeseslave, Design* Sponge, Simple Organic, Keeper of the Home, and Progressive Pioneer.

Katie Shaw frequents A Cup of Jo, Tomboy Style, HelloGiggles, The Girls With Glasses, Walk Slowly, Live Wildly, and The Organic Sister, just to name a few.

Mitzi Sicking enjoys perusing Topless Robot, Jezebel, Jennsylvania, QC Report, Whatever, and Neil Gaimen Journal.

Liv White can be found procrastinating at Whoorl, Bleubird Vintage, Nothing But Bonfires, Danielle LaPorte, The Art of Non-Conformity and exploring Flickr.