It’s (nearly) getting hot in here


Man, winter is hard. Okay, so it’s not like we’re experiencing a polar vortex down here – we’re most definitely not – but it’s been cold and wet and dreary for a few months now. I can take a little bit of the grey and the dark mornings but frankly, I’m over it and am ready for spring to arrive.

Aside from the ” thank god we made it through those hideous cold mornings and rainy afternoons” aspect of the coming of spring, spring also means so any good things in Melbourne. Spring for me signals footy finals time (go Hawks!!), the Melbourne International Arts Festival, the start of daylight savings time, fools in white flannels playing cricket on local ovals, and finally getting to feel some proper sun on my face.

Of course, as soon as spring hits us on 1 September, I’m getting on a plane pretty much immediately to fly back to the States for more Squam photography and writing and lake goodness, followed by a week in New York. Yeah, timing is everything. All I can say is that New Hampshire and New York had better turn on some freaking amazing fall weather to make up for me missing the start of my spring!