Sailing Our Ship

By Brandi Perry

About a month ago, myself and four friends boarded the Carnival Elation for a 4-day cruise to the Caribbean, or more specific, Cozumel.

Many hours were spent on the bow of the ship, watching the endless blue waters spread out before us. In those instants, it felt as though we were the king of the world, invincible, and indestructible.

The topic of the Titanic came up more than once while on board and we discussed the total fear and isolation of the passengers as they plummeted into the frigid waters of the Atlantic. Frantically, they would have glanced side to side to only see the blue of the water and night encompassing them.

Sadly, someone aboard the Titanic had even said, “Not even God can sink this ship.” The truth is, while we are sailing our ship through life, we experience joy, elation, and many times desperate failure and disappointment. We have to learn to trust The Lord in all we do and realize that OUR plans are really not ours at all. They are His plans, and what He could have planned for us is nothing we could ever have imagined for ourselves.

So, when you notice your ship is listing back and forth in aggressive waters, just relax and remember “professionals built the Titanic and an amateur built the Ark.”

Until next time….