Tis the Season for Giving?

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving – full of family and/or friends and yummy food and plenty to be thankful for.  I know I spent some time appreciating the blessings I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy.

I wanted to take this chance to talk about a disturbing trend I’ve noticed over the past several years.  It seems, and maybe I’m wrong, but it seems that the Holidays are becoming more and more about “the get” rather than “the give”.  People are increasingly greedy on a daily basis and especially around the Holidays.  Most recently, this article about pillaging at the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race made me literally sick to my stomach.  Why?  What is the point?  What do those people need all that food for?  Why intentionally keep it from the folks who would make good use of it?  I just cannot comprehend the answers to any of these questions.

I know I’ve seen good in the people in my community.  I want to believe that the people described in that article are the exception and not the norm.  I want to believe that maybe those folks with boxes of food were collecting it to some altruistic end.  I don’t though…I think they were just taking it because they could.  They overpowered the poor high school kids volunteering their time.  They bullied those kids until, fearing for their own safety, they moved aside.  I don’t understand that either.  Why?  To what end?  So they could have more “stuff” – more food they probably won’t eat before it goes stale??  I don’t get it.

Tell me something good that you’ve done, personally, Barazians.  Help me find renewed faith in humanity.

As always, please THINK before you comment.
Is it True?
Is it Helpful?
Is it Inspiring?
Is it Necessary?
Is it Kind?