Happy Birthday Baraza Group Post 1

This week our crew of lovely ladies reflect back on the year that was the Baraza. Today we asked, what was your favorite post you’ve written this year?

I love my post on The Ladies of Pixar because it is representative of how I look at the world. Pop culture is a gateway into how we relate as people and what we value. The Baraza has been my dream place to explore my pop culture romance on my own terms. I’m also pretty fond of Why Can’t We Be Friends? just because I think it’s funny. Yes, I’m a dork who laughs at my own jokes.

I think my favorite post was my very first one, “Variations in Motherhood.” Since I’m not really a writer, I spent a lot of time writing and rewriting that post because I was so nervous about joining such a group of great writers! I was also kind of proud that I could articulate my feelings about movement, or lack thereof, into words (which I don’t usually do). I also liked the responses to my post on coffee, “Liquid Gold.” I should have known that’s something we all have in common!

I really enjoyed writing A Woman of Her Word – it combines my addiction to travel, my love of photography and my enduring love for Hanoi.  I can’t get enough of any of them, and it gives me a lot of pleasure to be able to share that with our fellow Barazans.

Looking back, I think I love A Concerned Texan Writes Ina Garten best.  It combines two of my better traits: snarkiness and a love for food.  I also like my Roving Girl series mainly because I’m ready to go back and see more of those parks again.  Or maybe I’m just ready for a vacation.

I keep going back to “Moments In Time”.  That list is constantly being added to, but I like having all those memories written down in one place.  It reminds me to stop every once in awhile and reflect.

Carrie –

Hmmm…my favorite post was the one on my expedition to Baja California. I got to (semi) relive my trip when I wrote it.  That week was action-packed, so writing the post allowed me to reflect on everything I saw. It was a mini trip down memory lane. Baja California was absolutely amazing and I loved getting to share with everyone.

One of my favorite posts is Six Weeks. It’s the beginning of my dreadlock journey, and I think it’s neat to look back and see how much my life has changed in just one brief year. I no longer have dreadlocks, but I’ll have to experience for a lifetime. My hair is now short and sassy, and I’m loving it so.


In my short tenure with The Baraza I would have to say my favorite post is The List. I got some super responses. My mind is still boggling at some of the list makers others shared with me.
I just thought I had some unique ones.
What about you, readers? What were some of your favorite posts?