Sounds of Then

It’s summer in Melbourne – dare I say high summer? The evenings are long and drowsy, and the mornings do not provide the relief from the heat for which we all long.  The city is full of keen tennis tourists visiting for the Australian Open, the site of which I can see from the windows of my office.  The sun sets late in the day due to daylight saving time, giving children the perfect excuse to beg to stay up “just a little bit longer”.  Our country cousins watch the horizon vigilantly for ever-present bushfires, and the beaches are crowded with families enjoying the summer school holidays.

This song falls into the category of “an oldie but a goodie”.  It was first released in 1985, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t enter my music consciousness until around 1991.  Even now when I hear it, the song immediately evokes the sounds and smells of an Australian summer, and I love it nostalgically for that.