Do we really want to see the penis?



There is a lot of female nudity in mainstream film and TV.

And by nudity I am referring to naked breasts, butts and pubic area.

When it comes to men – there is a whole heck of a lot of naked chests and a fair amount of butt… but significantly less full groin shots.

There has been a lot of discussion about the lack of equity in nudity, with shows like Game of Thrones being called out frequently for the large amounts female nudity parading around. To be fair – GoT also gives us some lovely male and not so lovely male nudity as well – but not in anywhere near the same amount.

And a man’s naked chest isn’t really even considered nudity. So really there are only two things you can show for a guy compared to 3 for a dame.

Now – I am all for more chest baring and buttocks baring.

More penis – not so much.

And going off the many completely informal and possibly somewhat wine fueled discussions of this I have had – I think many men and women agree.

We just aren’t clamoring to see more full frontals from men.

Why is this?

I know why I personally am OK with not seeing more penis. I find the male chest and buttocks far more aesthetically pleasing to look at than their gender defining appendage.

And I can’t think of a single scene ever where I thought – hmm, this scene needs a full penis shot. That would make it sooo much better.

So – should we have more full frontal from men just to keep it equal? No.

Should we look at whether the female nudity is really needed or actually adds to an artistic endeavor? Yes.

What are your thoughts?