Another Year Gone

By Brandi Perry

It’s hand to believe in just 7 days we will be celebrating Christmas and just 14 before we welcome 2015 in! It seems like we just started 2014. I saw all that to say, in the blink of an eye everything changes. People change. But we have to stop living for the weekend, or next week, or even next year when we have valuable time in front of us just fading away, second by second. Don’t live your life looking for the next best thing when we should all be cherishing the time that we have with our loved ones now. Through this holiday season, smile a little more, love a little stronger, and hug a little harder. I also challenge you to pay it forward just once before the new year begins. At a drive through fast food restaurant in my little town, one person paid for the person behind them and this continued for 15 customers before it was broken. What an incredible statement that proves there really are still good people in this world. Slow down, brief, and take time to love everyone in your life. In no time we will be saying goodbye to 2015.

Until next time…