On Love Stories

Today a few ladies from The Baraza share their favorite love stories.


Any great love story has certain elements to keep the reader in a state of wondering if the hero and heroine will get together. A fight, a misunderstanding, family lead to a separation. There’s the entry of a new love, heartbreak and then reconciliation with their true love. End of story. People swoon. It’s the basis of thousands of novels, thousands of love stories. It is the story of my parents. And their story, well, their story continues 43 years, four children, and a growing number of grandchildren later. It is a real story with a strong flowing current of love that smooths out eddies of worries or rapids of fights. That’s love beyond romance.


Right now, my favorite love story is the one between my family and my 15 month old nephew.  He’s the first grandchild/nephew and obviously is the most special child ever – to us!  He is such a sweet little boy with a wicked sense of humour and an easy smile.  Watching my parents and sister – not to mention his father (my brother) fall in love with this tiny person has been the most enormous pleasure and privilege.  And of course I am completely in love too!


When I was a kid, I read a book called The Ordinary Princess. It’s a play on the idea of fairytale beauty and romance that really struck a cord. In this case, one of the fairies gifts the glowing Princess Amethyst with what most perceive as a curse: she shall be ordinary. Amethyst becomes Amy, a plain, spirited girl who throws tantrums, hates dresses, and runs away to work as a kitchen maid. Being a fairytale, Amy does end up with a prince, but one who loves her for being so normal. This story set the tone in many ways for the loves stories that would appeal to me over time. Normal, complicated love told in an interesting way.

Happy Valentines Day!