Happy Birthday Baraza, Part 2

Which post from another resident did you enjoy most?

One of the joys of being part of the Baraza is seeing the world through different points of view. Like many of our readers, I get Baraza posts emailed to my inbox each day (if aren’t doing that, you should–it’s a great way to start off the morning). Over my coffee I get to see where the ladies will take me today, whether it’s learning about white tattoos from Katie, seeing Vietnam through Liv’s descriptions, discovering new ways to consider food from Erin, commiserating with Charlotte’s shopping woes, being reminded of the power of words by Mitzi, basking in simple pleasures with Geneva, or learning more about love from Carrie. Each post is a new discovery for me.

It really is hard to pick just one post, or even a few from all of the wonderful ladies on the Baraza, so I’ll play favorites and just tell you about my sister : )  Katie’s posts on her dreads…you guys, I wish you could have experienced that in real life with me. Katie is just as interesting, if not more, in real life as she sounds on the Baraza. The dread chronicles are hardly scraping the surface of Katie’s awesomeness. I think all the ladies of the Baraza are awesome!

This is a really hard one, because I love seeing the variety of things that all the Baraza authors write about.  I’ve loved Erin’s posts on dance and movement, Mitzi’s “Roving Girl” posts (there’s my travel addiction again!), Geneva’s love of music, Katie’s refreshing view on the world, and Charlotte’s humour.  Oh, and Amber’s wonderful explorations into pop culture, and Carrie’s focus on health and wellness.  Seriously, how awesome are we?? 😉

I remember as a child I used to ask my mom who her favorite child was.  She, recognizing a trap when she saw one, would respond with a stock answer that we were all her favorites.  In much the same way, except for there being a trap, I think all these posts are my favorites.  There’s so much to appreciate from each contributor and each post they present.

I love all the diversity between posts and styles!!  My favorite depends on which day I’m reading, honestly.  I have been intrigued, inspired, or entertained by every post I’ve read so far.

Carrie –

Favorite??  You want me to pick a favorite?  🙂 I think they’re all my favorite!  I get excited when I see a new post come into my inbox!

No one wants to pick favorites for the reason that we all think so highly of one another. I love so many of the posts that appear every week, and I always look forward to what will come next. It’s always a new surprise. But I do love Erin’s post about following through with a promise she made to herself titled “I Kept My Word.” Dancing is her thang–she’s ridiculously talented, beautiful, and graceful.


I love that she admits openly to doing that which most of us deny fervently.
I think I spent one whole semester in high school pretending to like obscure badly subtitled french films.
But that is nothing compared to the number of times I’ve pretended to understand and even care about Doctor Who.
Bravo Mitzi!!!!!