a really long week

It seems like more than  2 weeks have passed since my last post.

It is probably just that a whole lot has happened in that 2 weeks.

Last Monday one of my grandmothers passed away.

Last Thursday I had my first opening night in 6 years.

Quite obviously one of the events I had known would be occurring on a specific date for several months, and so had been preparing for it.

The other was not planned for – in an abstract way I had known it was coming – but that does not really do anything to help you actually prepare for it.

There is always a dichotomy caused by the coming together that a funeral brings. It is a sad event that brings everyone to one place at the same time. At the same time it is also one of the few times everyone will see each other. So there is both laughter and tears. Both joy and sorrow.

For me it provided an opportunity for 3 of my cousins to see me on stage – which is not something they had ever been able to do before.

I like to think that would have made my grandmother happy as she was a constant supporter of my stage endeavors up until she was no longer physically able to sit through them.

I’m not entirely sure it has completely sunk in yet.


So I am going to close my post today with the obituary I wrote for my grandmother. The photo is one my husband took about 8 years ago. He had a new camera and wanted to test out how it worked for portraits – so we enlisted my grandmother and my niece to get dolled up and come play “models” for us.  That day produced some of my favorite shots of my grandmother. The joy that is caught in her eyes is precious to me. As are the images of her with her great-granddaughter sharing that joy.


Edna Lois Hardy passed peacefully from this world June 16, 2014.
Lois was born to Edward & Verna Tillman on December 27, 1922. She was a jitterbug bug champion of Taylor County when she met and married the love of her life, Newton Travis Hardy, during the tumultuous years of WWII and they soon moved to the then smallish town of Midland, TX.
Here they raised 4 children (Travis Wayne Hardy, Carolyn Hardy Starritt, Shirley Hardy Smith and Patricia Hardy Wornell) and made a home for themselves. Lois enjoyed being a mother and supporting her husband as he used the G.I. Bill to become a teacher.
They were blessed to enjoy a brief retirement together before Travis passed too soon.
Lois filled her heart and time with the grandchildren and great-grandchildren that the fruit of her love filled marriage provided her.
She was a wonderful baker and enjoyed patiently passing along those skills to her progeny. Her sugar cookie/tea cake recipe is a favorite of all and has been frequently shared and lauded, while her banana bread won a few baking contests – when it lasted long enough to make it out of the house.
Lois made sock monkeys and baby quilts for all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren that are treasured not just for the skillful way they were made – but for the love in each and every one.
Her almost 92 years on this earth were filled with joy and love and she will be greatly missed.
Lois is preceded in death by her husband, Newton Travis Hardy and her beloved daughter Shirley Smith. She is survived by her son Travis Wayne Hardy, her daughter Carolyn Starritt and daughter Patricia Wornell and husband Mark Wornell. She also leaves behind grandchildren who will miss her presence dearly: Shayne Smith and wife Loretta, Shannon Smith, Christi Walker, Cari Burnett and husband Olan, Candi Shanks and husband Louis, Cindi Mughelli and husband Frank, Charlotte Dixon and husband Graham, Glynn Wornell, Robert Wornell and wife Cory, and 15 great-grandchildren.