Minimalistic Living – In the Bathroom

By: Carrie Pokrefke

Does your bathtub or shower look like this?  Half-filled bottles that you don’t finish all the way before moving on to the next bottle?


(In my defense, I did plan on writing this post and intentionally did not get rid of the empty bottles.  I also made a point to try to use up all the bath products I had sitting around.)

In my ongoing quest to lead a minimalist lifestyle, I decided that I really needed to tackle my bathroom.  And, more specifically, my bathtub.

When I actually went in there to start purging, I would pick up a product and try to decide if I should keep it or not.  But, I realized that I was going about it all wrong.  Instead of getting rid of things one by one,   the best strategy is to imagine a clean slate and focus on what I truly need.  That’s simple and takes a lot less time than going through everything.

And what do I need?  Shampoo, conditioner, razor and soap.  That’s it.  I didn’t need 500 bottles of bath products, I just need three.  Which means, I don’t need containers to hold those 500 bottles.  Three bottles fit comfortable on the side of the tub.



I purged (and recycled!) all my empty bottles about two weeks ago.  It’s really nice not seeing a million bottles cluttering up my space.  Also, it takes a lot less time to clean.  I only have to move three bottles now.  And, when the storms were heading to Atlanta, I didn’t have to worry about knocking over a bunch of stuff to put Rudy in a safe place.