I Kept My Word


Remember that promise I made to myself, um, back in March? Well, I finally did it a couple weeks ago. I danced once again. And it was everything I hoped it would be.

I had to dig out my dance clothes and shoes. It was like Christmas because I had brand new shoes, a new leotard, and a new skirt I never got to wear. I sewed up my ballet shoes, just like old times. Then I had to go outside and dirty them up, because my sister said going to my class in new shoes “would be like going to the rodeo in brand new boots.” I couldn’t go to class looking like a rookie.

My friend and fellow dancer, Amy, agreed to go with me. That made me so much less nervous, and the fact that we were going to take a former teacher’s class! With their support, I jumped right in. Your body never forgets the movement. It just needs a reminder.

I’m ready to do it again. This girl has got to dance.

What about you? Have you conquered a fear recently? Jumped back into something you love?