a piece wherein I rant about IT woes

Within the last year I transitioned from being a medical billing specialist who also handled IT – to being a full time IT person for 2 medical offices.

Most of the time I’m pretty happy with that change.

Other times – no so much.

Like this morning – when Suddenlink decided to switch some nodes – which also changed the static IPs that had been assigned to one of our offices – but didn’t feel the need to share than information with us before hand. So I got to spend the entire morning sorting out a mess that cold have easily been handled in an hour with forewarning.

Or when someone magically manages to restore their computer to factory settings. They “didn’t do anything”… it “just happened”… all on it’s own.

Or when you hear the phrase “I know the internet isn’t working, but I can’t get to (insert name of just about any internet based program/site) either… can you fix that?”… from more than one person.

Some days it takes every bit of acting skill I have to come across as friendly and helpful and non-judgmental when directly dealing with it.

The fact that what is going through my head at the moment doesn’t come out of my mouth is a feat of divine intervention – and a healthy sense of not wanting to be fired or send people running for the bathroom in tears.

… Oh look, i had to take a 5 hour break while writing this…. to keep cleaning up the Suddenlink mess – Yea! – but not really.

I’m ready for a vacation.


Until then – enjoy these IT funny things.


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