And that is how the day gets away from you…

About 9:00 tonight I chanced to remember that today was my day to post something brilliantly witty and edifying.
Or at least to post something.
In my defense- forgetting to post isn’t like forgetting to pickup your kid (I love you mom & dad but I will milk that until I’m 80) or having the sudden burnt smell and copius amounts of smoke remind you that “oh crap,  I was baking something” …
Anyway there has been a lot going on.
Aside from a 2 practice system conversion at work, a busted water heater at home, prepping for my first trip to NOLA, Thanksgiving, parenting a teenage boy, and deciding to try my hand at direct sales… well, there have been important mid-season finales and new shows on Netflix to binge watch… you get the picture.
As Christmas approaches I am trying to remind myself to slow down and not miss out on the important stuff.
I also try to remind myself that it’s OK to slip up once in a while.