Benedict Cumberbatch

I am just going to go full on geeky adoring fan.

Benedict Cumberbatch is the shit. He is the Bomb. He is the real deal.

Benedict Cumberbatch is not only actually as talented as he is hyped to be – he is probably even more talented than that.

And he’s beautiful.

Benedict Cumberbatch is in fact exactly as awesome as the internet would have you believe… and that is rare.

What prompted my Tuesday morning ode to all things Cumberbatch? An internet rumor. An incredibly enticing internet rumor.

Take a moment and imagine the sheer amazing brilliance that would be – Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange.

It’s OK… I’ll give you  a moment… this is big.

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Wrapped your head around it yet?

I am struggling to keep reminding myself that it is only a rumor. An internet rumor at that. Bu it would just be so unbelievable perfect.

Ben (I’m going to pretend like we know each other well enough for the intimacy of shortening that amazingly sexy name) is one of the best actors either side of the pond. The depth and complexity he brings to each and every character he breathes life into is mind boggling.

Have you seen August: Osage County? Brilliance. Warm, endearing and nuanced.

Star Trek: Into Darkness – His Khan was perfection. I absolutely believe that were I working to create a genetically perfect human being –  Ben’s Khan is what I would be hoping for.

Sherlock – He is hands down the sexiest Sherlock. Period. You believe his effortless brilliance. He makes the odd approach to personal relationships that is so quintessentially Sherlock seem perfectly natural and even sweet.

War Horse – beautifully acted and seemingly effortless.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – Ben holds own with John Hurt, Gary Oldman, Ciaran Hinds and Colin Firth. He delivers a solid performance along side some of the best.


Hells Bells  – Ben plays both Victor and The Creature – alternately- in what is being called one of the best versions of Frankenstein ever.

I know, I know – I haven’t touched on everything he’s done yet… but you get the idea.


Dr. Strange… are  you familiar with him? Well he is one of the more interesting of the Marvel characters. I hesitate to use the word “superhero” to describe him. Dr. Strange is so much more complex than that simple one word descriptor. If you are interested check out a brief synopsis here. That complexity of character is why someone as talented as Ben would be perfect to play him. Dr. Strange deserves to be a complete fully developed character with flaws and ego.


So –  I am begging the internet PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t be just jacking with me on this. I want this to be true!

And now – some more Benedict Cumberbatch…

His Ice bucket challenge

Him reading a song