My husband wrote a book – and I discovered Kickstarter

My husband wrote a book. Actually it is the first in a series. A crime-fiction-mystery-thriller series.

Eyes of the Chameleon, The - Graham A. Dixon (2)

The Eyes of the Chameleon is the first book in the Berkeley Mystery Series by Graham Dixon (my husband!).

If you follow me – or know anything about me really- You know I love to read. I adore books and I have reviewed quite a few. So when my husband decided to put hand-to-keyboard and create his first fiction work I was excited and nervous. Writing a book, especially a really good book, is a daunting endeavor. He did it though. He created what I believe is a unique, quirky and engaging piece of crime fiction. And it is so beautifully written ( I know, I know – I’m his wife… but trust me on this he has an amazing way with words and turns of phrase).

We self-published the first book, through Lulu, and he is now working on the 2nd book.

If any of you out there have done this self-publishing thing you understand that the self-publishing itself is the easy part – marketing and getting your book “out there” is the hard part.

This is where we get to the whole me discovering Kickstarter part.

I want to help him get this book seen and read – because I know people will love it.

First I created a website for the book, then a Twitter account and a Facebook account.

But – that isn’t enough – the book needs advertisement and promotion. Enter Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is a nifty little site that allows you to seek backers to help fund your idea. It’s called crowd funding.

So – I started a Kickstarter campaign to help this awesome series get the recognition and exposure it deserves. Out campaign is seeking funding to cover the cost of printing actual physical copies of the book to send to reviewers and agents and stores. it will also provide funding for an advertising/marketing campaign.

Now – the way Kickstarter tells you to get backers is by offering rewards for different levels of backing (monetary contributions).

So We came up with what we think are some fairly awesome and creative rewards for backers at the higher levels.

My favorite – you can be a murder victim in the 3rd book! I mean – how awesome is that. You get to be killed off in a book.

We also have some super cool t-shirts, key chains and bookmarks – and thank-yous to be included future books!

Oh – and did i mention everyone gets epub versions of the books just for being a backer!

The really awesome thing about Kickstarter is that anyone can help a project become a reality. You don’t have to be a wealthy venture capitalist. You can help support a project for any amount that works for you – $1, $5, $25, $100 or $1000.. and every amount in between. If you believe in a project or creator you can help support them.

That is awe-inspiring. No longer to only a few at the top of different industries and fields have the say on what gets to be published/created/designed – every person out there has a say.

I think this means that independent authors like my husband now have a better chance of having there work seen and embraced by the public – and ultimately shared with the world.

What it takes to make this happen is support. Support from each and every person who thinks this series sounds like something readers should have a chance to experience and enjoy.

I am hoping that is all of you. I am also hoping that you will all share this with your friends, family, casual acquaintances, and even complete strangers. Post to reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads… anywhere and any group you can think of.

Every share increases the chances that this project will be funded and that this series will be out there for everyone to enjoy.

The kickstarter campaign can be reached at this link

Want to read a snippet from the book? Awesome – click HERE!

Want to see the cover for the 2nd book – coming in March 2015?


Oh – and I did the covers for both books!