Pic from exacttarget.com

Last weekend my work uploaded a much more stringent firewall that prevents employees from accessing vital websites like Pandora. (Bastards. Way to kill the proletariat’s joy.) But then salvation came from the iPhone iOS 8.0 update. This update brought the Podcast app. With the Podcast app I can download podcasts and listen to them without using up all my data in one day. Hallelujah! Granted, I could probably do that before but there wasn’t an easy way to do it. Now, there is!

Here a few of the stations I’ve downloaded podcasts from so far:

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast
Insight for Living (UK)
NPR Music: Live in Concert
NPR Music: Tiny Desk Concert
NPR Music: All Songs Considered—I really recommend NPR Music.
A Taste of the Past
The Moth
Coffee Break Spanish
A Prairie Home Companion: The News from Lake Wobegon
The Joy the Baker Podcast
Grammar Girl
German Pod 101
Denton Bible Church: Sunday Sermons

What are some of your favorite podcasts, Barazers?