The braces are off – Prepare for an onslaught of selfies!

Last Tuesday my braces came off! It was 1 year and 3 months in the making – but I now have a smile I want to show off.

Now I’m not afraid to smile in pictures and I’m not cringing when I see those pictures posted for others to see.

I feel better about myself.

That may sound shallow to some – I’m OK with that.

Looks do matter.

We all like to say they don’t and pretend they don’t – but they do.

On a sub-conscious level we are programmed to make snap judgments based on how someone looks. Kinda sucks – but it happens. We can consciously choose to override those snap judgments – and that is a great thing – but the judgment is still there.

I am happy that my teeth are now something in my favor – instead of a mark against me in those snap judgments.

I am more confident when I look in the mirror now. I am more confident when meeting people.

I feel like the image I present on the outside now more closely matches who I think I am.


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It was 1 year and 3 months of garbling my words and having cut lips and discovering that lettuce is truly evil – but oh – so worth it!