Purposeful Life

Mount Magazine

Mount Magazine, the highest point in Arkansas

For the summer, I had two things I wanted to accomplish. One was to travel south. That happened when I traveled to Nicaragua with friends. The other was to climb to the top of Mount Magazine, the highest peak in Arkansas, where I live. Climbing Mount Magazine seemed the more daunting of the two, but that just proves that I should have done some more research. That was easily done on a Saturday morning that left plenty of time to hike another trail.

These challenges, however small, make sure that I leave life intentionally, that I don’t fall into ruts. It makes me try new things, visit new places, push myself physically. I think that I come out stronger from it all. I know that I live a more vibrant life because of it. So there’s always the thought of “What’s next?” What can I try or learn now? Or better myself at doing? I’m thinking there may be tennis lessons in my future so I can better my game. I want to learn pottery. I also want to learn to make a good piecrust. My sisters and mom have good, cool pastry hands so I must have the genes and it just seems like it would good to be able to whip out a crust instead of trusting Pillsbury.

None of those are important in the scheme of life or even to have a good life. Yet, they make sure that I’m living purposefully instead of drifting through my days, weeks, months and years.