iTunes Radio

By Carrie Pokrefke

I’m not sure if you use the “new” iTunes Radio or not, but if not, I recommend you check it out! I was a Pandora listener for years, and still am, but lately I have been enjoying iTunes Radio.

Like Pandora, you can can have channels – maybe for your favorite artist or song or genre. They also have a ton of featured stations.

I find myself listening to the iTunes Weekly Top 50 – Alternative station lately. I’ve also been enjoying the Guest DJ – Ray LaMontagne station. He tells why he picked certain songs and some of his music is thrown in there as well.

Another cool feature of iTunes Radio is the “First Play” station. When an artist has a new album, sometimes it is featured as a “First Play” station. You can listen to the album in its entirety. It’s a great way to listen to an album before you buy it!

What’s your favorite station??