So….What cha want?

What Do You Want?

By Carrie Pokrefke

Have you ever really sat down and thought about what you want? For yourself? Your future? I’m talking about more than what you want for dinner tonight or what movie you want to see this weekend. Serious thinking.

When confronted with change or choices, we naturally think about which choice we want. If you are planning a vacation, your wants factor into where you end up going – international or domestic. Long trip or short trip. Drive or fly. Beach or mountains. Once we figure out our wants, our needs or limitations start dictating what path we take. But what about doing the same for your future? Have you stopped to think about where you are headed given your current trajectory and to see what your future looks like? Kind of like a semi-checkup on your life.

I’ve recently spent some time seriously contemplating my wants in life. It was pretty interesting to really think about what I want. I’ve done it when I have felt stuck or at a major cross-roads in life, but to do it when you are just be-bopping along is a different feeling. And it’s more interesting to do this and not give yourself any limitations.

If you could go anywhere or be anything….where would you go? Leave me a comment below!