8,000 Steps

My work takes part in a corporate wellness initiative that requires participants to set step goals for each day. My goal for the first phase is eponymous 8,000 steps.


I participated last year and performed miserably. I rarely met my 8,000 step goal, even by the end, not to mention losing and/or breaking both of my pedometers that came with the program.

So far this year, I have met or exceeded my goal with the exception of one day. It’s been difficult to get into the routine but I have been working on being more disciplined. I have already broken the first pedometer and I wonder about the longevity of the second.

It’s not been easy to make time to get on a treadmill or go for a walk at the end of the day. The beginning of the day is hard enough without trying to add exercise to it. The only way that would happen is they could figure out some way to give me a caffeine drip while I walked.

However, the results motivate me. I sleep better at night now. I notice how there’s a slight bit of more room in my clothes. I feel stronger. I feel better.

It should be interesting to see how I end up doing, beyond breaking pedometers.