I first heard this song as I lay on my yoga mat attempting to meditate at the end of a vigorous and sweaty vinyasa flow class in Ubud.  As soon as I heard the opening refrain, something in me cracked and broke wide open.  I sobbed and sobbed as silently as I could so I wouldn’t disturb my fellow yogis and yoginis as they enjoyed savasana, and when the class dispersed I went back to my room and scribbled in my journal for over an hour as I tried to process all the emotions that were moving through me.

I’ve since spent quite a bit of time listening to other songs that the beautiful Alexi Murdoch has written, and each one has spoken to me in a different way, although none as deeply as this one.  Every time I hear this song I am instantly taken back to my yoga mat in Ubud and that terrible but beautiful cracking open.  I hope that you are able to experience something special too as you listen to it.