Major Spoiler Alert! – why I should never have to type those words again.

I understand that maybe you haven’t seen the latest GoT or Mad Men or (insert whatever show/movie you want here) – and it makes sense that you don’t want it spoiled.

But that isn’t my problem.

I have watched it and want to talk about it.

Does that sound harsh? Yes.

Am I OK with that? Yes.

Would you turn around to the table next to you at a restaurant and tell them to stop talking about XYZ because it is 2 weeks after it aired and you haven’t seen it yet?

Would you walk over to a co-worker’s office and then tell them to quit talking about XYZ from last night because you haven’t seen it yet?

If you answered yes to either of those questions you have some other problems we need to work on that might supersede this.

That is essentially what you are doing when you comment on a friend’s post about XYZ telling them you don’t want spoilers.

Is it OK to ask not  have spoilers in a specific conversation that has already been started with you – yes. Asking a friend you are texting with not to spoil something is ok.

Going to their Facebook/Twitter/Whatever post about it – reading the post (which probably had a spoiler warning because most of us aren’t complete douchebags) and then commenting that they are spoiling it for you or typing in all caps I HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET is like seeing that your friend checked in at a bar – going to that bar – and even though you are an alcoholic, downing a shot – then turning to said friend and blaming them.  In other words it is seriously messed up!

Why did you read the post? Why did you then click and expand the comments and read those too?

Why is the rest of the world’s responsibility to not “spoil” something for you?

Would you ask the news not to report a sports score because you haven’t watched the game yet?

Expecting everyone else in the world (or at least your virtual world) not to talk about something because you haven’t seen it is pretty much one of the most narcissistic things you can do. Think about it for a second. You are asking the rest of the world to bow to your time schedule for watching something. That is self-absorbed on a whole new level.

And completely unnecessary in this day and age.

There are a plethora of apps that will censor your feed for you. (Social Fixer is a nifty one)

But you have to install them and then set the filters you want.

Yes – I am telling you that YOU should take responsibility for not spoiling what ever show/movie you haven’t seen yet.

And seriously – if it has past the 2 week mark since what ever show aired or came out – you can in no reasonable remotely realistic version of reality expect everyone you know to not post/talk about said event. And I’m being really nice saying 2 weeks – because my gut instinct says 48 hours for a TV show and 10 days for a movie.

borrowed from Being A Geek's Facebook feed

borrowed from Being A Geek‘s Facebook feed