What I Learned from Waitressing

From Good to Know.co.uk

During college I waited tables to earn my living. It’s a tough living, dependent upon the whims of others for your salary, but I learned a lot. Here are a few of the things I learned.

  1. Treat everyone well. You never know who’s going to give the best tips.
  2. Do the best work you can even if the table doesn’t tip well. Somebody’s always watching your work ethic.
  3. Money does not buy manners.  Oh boy, does it not.
  4. Speed freaking at work is not cool. Do not take drugs and then go to work.
  5. Don’t eat at a sit down restaurant unless you know you can afford your meal and the tip. Wait staff in the state of Texas get paid $2.13 an hour. Seriously. Always tip the wait staff.
  6. Don’t go into a restaurant at five minutes to closing. I mean, really? Don’t you hate it when your boss gives you another hour worth of work at 5 o’clock?
  7. Sometimes people are going to do crappy things like spilling thousand island dressing all over the freshly rolled silverware and then not clean it up. That’s life. The silverware will still need to be re-rolled and the napkins tossed in a laundry. It may not have been your fault but the work will still need to be done regardless who did it.
  8. Sleeping with your fellow employees is a sure way to create an uncomfortable work environment for everyone because it never ends well.
  9. Sitting at a waitperson’s table does not mean you own them.
  10. The more you hustle, the more money you make.
  11. Oddly enough, disinterested wait staff earn more in tips than overly attentive wait staff. That says a lot about the American psyche, does it not?
  12. First time I learned that cash is virtually invisible to the IRS. Do what you will with this information.
  13. A good waiter at a good restaurant can earn some decent money in a couple of hours. Not too shabby.