The Madness Descends

Go Duke!

Go Duke!

While I write this some people have begun crying in their beers while others have found their underdog to cheer on to victory. It’s here. March Madness, when business slows as people cheer on their favorite basketball teams to victory. Outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas released that the first week of the tournament costs $1.2 billion for each unproductive hour of work.

But what about camaraderie gained in cheering and jeering teams that the office pools bring? Or the collective groaning that occurs when an underdog like Harvard or the University of Dayton sends a shockwave through a bracket collapsing it. That value hasn’t been figured and one I’ll take any day.

Or there’s the memories that the tournament brings, of as a child being allowed to stay up late to watch games. Then later as an adult receiving phone calls from my dad jeering, “Where’s your Dukies? Oh, that’s right. They’re already out.” His evil laugh followed. Yes, let the madness begin for all the chaos, fun and heartbreak that it brings.

I filled out my bracket and I won’t get a perfect one again this year (darn you Harvard and Dayton!). But that’s the fun of it, guessing how far Duke (go Blue Devils!) will make it this year or will Florida go all the way (for the sake of my bracket, I hope so) and just how far will Wichita State make it (not to the Final Four).

So excuse me for this short post, Arizona State is about to take on Texas and cheering must be done.