I was so there – wasn’t I?

I did not watch the Oscars.

I have nothing against them. I love the fashion and pageantry.

I watch sometimes – but this last Sunday I didn’t.

I did watch “True Detective” – so I was watching Matthew at the same time everyone else was.


A part of me feels like I watched them. Between Twitter and Facebook and my office I feel I have a pretty basic grasp of what went on. I know who won the awards. I know Ellen bought pizza. I know Jennifer Lawrence fell down. I know John Travolta needs glasses.


This got me thinking about the surreal modern phenomenon that is experiencing an event without actually experiencing the event.


Did I lose you?


It is the feeling that you have seen/experienced/been at an event without actually having done that.


I’m going to call it “fauxtendance” (and I apologize in advance to anyone else who might have already coined the phrase).


What will happen as we get older and our memories get a bit fuzzier? We will we forget that we didn’t actually see the event? Will there be a whole nursing home full of people who can quote and talk about an event that they don’t remember not watching to start with?


I have never watched “The Walking Dead”- but feel I could hold up my end of a conversation about it. I know character names, TV vs Comic mythology arguments, major plot happenings, casting issues and other miscellaneous tidbits.


This leads to me having fairly set and charged feelings and views on things I haven’t seen or experienced – but almost feel like I have. I actually had to stop and tell someone “no – I haven’t seen that movie” after I realized I was speaking only from 3rd hand knowledge gained from Twitter, Facebook, online articles, comments and reviews. I had intended to go see the movie and had watched lots of previews and discussed it online many times – but I hadn’t actually watched it. And I had almost forgotten that I hadn’t seen it.


In essence I have a library of “fauxknowledge” about shows I have never watched.


The same goes for the Olympics and other sporting events.



What events to you feel you have fauxtended or fauxwatched? What random fauxknowledge is cluttering you brain?