Guess where I’m going??

I have been dreaming of going to Squam for nearly 2 years, pretty much ever since I first heard about it.  What is Squam?  It is a retreat held twice a year at Squam Lake in New Hampshire that attracts (mainly) women from all over the United States and the world for four days of art, photography, writing, laughter, bonding and friendship.

Of course, by the time I went to register my interest in December last year, the retreat was already booked out.  To say I was disappointed was the understatement of that particular day.  I jumped onto the waiting list as soon as possible and crossed my fingers and toes and eyes that I would be offered a place if someone was no longer able to attend.  All that crossing of body parts for luck must have paid off, because I received an email early last week telling me that I’d been accepted and – even better – I’d managed to wangle a spot in the photography class that I was desperate to do.

Every blog post that I’ve read by Squam attendees generally goes along the lines of “…it was amazing … can’t describe how wonderful it was … you have to be there to experience the magic for yourself …”  I think that the founder of Squam, the beautiful Elizabeth Duvivier, probably describes it best:

“So, what is Squam?  Here are three things it has been for me: a journey into greater, sustained joy;  the beginning of an adventure; a life changing revelation and revolution (with all of the glory and none of the politics).”

Can you blame me for wanting to be part of it?