Where are you Summer?!?

By Brandi Perry

Where are you, SUMMER??
I hate winter. Maybe despise is a better word to describe the foreboding feeling every time in mid-October when there is a sudden “chill” that invades the southern nights. I live in a small town called Columbia, Mississippi. To be exact, I am 75 miles from the Mississippi Gulf Coast and only 90 miles from historic, charming New Orleans. So, to complain about a harsh winter with negative temps and feet worth of snowfall….ehhh…that’s not us.
I am used to winters where getting below 30 at night is “very cold” to us Southerners. Where a high of only 50-55 means it’s cold enough to pull out the North Face. But this year, oh my, this year has been something of a historic event for South Mississippi. We had 4 days of temperatures where the high never reached 20 degrees. In turn, the low one more than 7. Single digits had not been recorded this far south since 1983. Not to mention the freakin’ ice storm. (Disgusted face)
I know, I know. You’re reading this and laughing hysterically because you currently have 4 feet of snow on the wind chills are 25 below. But, you must understand, we are simply not made for this. There’s definitely a shortage in snowplows and arctic clothing this far south. Also, most Christmas Days are spent in t-shirts and flip flops at the least.
All this being said, I wonder what the cost of living in Key West is during the harsh, winter months of the south.