No More Cable!

By Carrie Pokrefke

I cancelled my cable.  Yes, I sure did.

I entertained the idea back in the summer.  It seemed silly to pay over $125/month (that’s $1,500 a year!) on something that I spent less than 3 hours a week watching.  That’s less than 160 hours a year and comes out to a little under $10/hour.  There are a lot more things I can do with my money!  And my time.  I finally ended up pulling the plug back in October and am so happy I did!

The fact that I don’t have cable surprises some people.  But, I’ve also had a few people tell me that they don’t have cable anymore.  And quite a few people have told me that they are considering dumping their cable, too!

I haven’t missed it once.  Ok, when the Cardinals were in the playoffs, I kind of got worried because I really wanted to watch the game.  Well, I plugged the cable into the TV and voila!  There was the game!  (Comcast has since scrambled the local channels, though.)    Other than that, I’ve been good.  I have an AppleTV and a Netflix subscription for when I need a mind-break.  A lot of TV shows are on the network’s website, so I can use my iPhone and AppleTV to watch anything I really want to see.  They have commercials in them, but it’s free and I don’t watch enough TV to get annoyed.  I watch a good bit of TedTalks on AppleTV and listen to podcasts or just music.

If you are thinking about doing it, just do it.  Well, once your contract runs out.  You might be surprised at how little you miss it and happy at how much money you will save!

No More Cable!

No More Cable!