I was a WHAT?!?!? in highschool…

What was I like in high school?

This is a question both my stepson and my niece have asked me lately.

SO – I have been thinking about my high school years quite a bit. It also started me thinking about what I thought I was like in high school vs. what others thought I was like.

Theatre nerd with bookish tendencies and a healthy spattering of sci-fi geekery is how I would have defined myself (yes i played D&D). I had friends/acquaintances in most of the major high school categories: smart kids, jocks, popular, band, stoner, skater, grunge, kicker and so on.

I was pretty good student. My intelligence has never really been in question – I always scored in the top % of any kind of testing (ask me about my ASVAB scores sometime and the hilarity they caused) – but I didn’t always apply myself like I should. I could have had much better grades and a better overall standing academically – but sometimes I just didn’t prioritize the work.

Theatre was a huge part of who I was in high school. Midland has an awesome youth theatre troupe, the Pickwick Players, of which I was a part from 7th grade through my senior year. Along with that I also auditioned for every adult show I could and worked crew on anything I was not in.

This meant that pretty much every evening and weekend could find me at Midland Community Theater. Which helped to mask the fact that I was not asked out on a date even once during high school. Which also meant a significant portion of my high school career was spent with adults. And this is where the myth vs. fact of Charlotte in high school gets fun.

Thanks to re-connections made on Facebook and random run-ins in real life I have discovered some interesting rumors about myself from high school.

Rumor 1I only dated older men (as in 30 and older)

This one shocked the crap out of me. I didn’t really date. Seriously, 0 is the grand total of people I dated in high school.

There was a guy from Amarillo that I made out with at a couple of Interp meets (he was a junior and I was a sophomore so I don’t think that really qualifies as older). And a boy I met at Summer Mummers, but he was only 1 year older as well and we never went on a date – just kissed. Oh – and the son of one of my theater friends who was 22 when I was 16 – but again we just made out at a party so that definitely doesn’t count as dating.

Looking at it – I did a lot of one-off make out sessions –  but no dating.

Now, I did have a lot of older friends from the theater stuff and I would go out to dinner with them and we’d all go see movies and things together. In particular I had several older gay friends that were frequent dinner and even lunch companions – so I have to assume this led to the myth.

Rumor 2I was having lots of sex…

I do believe I actually laughed out loud the first time I heard this (courtesy of Jeremy Wood). It floored me.

I considered myself pretty plain and boring in high school – so when I found out that quite a few people thought I lost my virginity early in my high school career and then was boinking away for the rest of it – well I was oddly flattered.

I seriously didn’t think anyone wanted to date me, much less have sex with me in high school. I know my dad got sick of hearing me whine and lament “Why don’t boys like me?” as I cried over yet another dateless weekend. I worked a show the evening of my senior prom because nobody asked me. I did not attend any of those big high school things (prom, homecoming, banquets) because I was never asked.

When I did actually lose that virginity (at the age of 20), it was in fact announced at a Mummers party  (that embarrassment is for another post). I had joked until that time that I was an accidental virgin because no one wanted me. That my virginity had remained intact despite determined effort on my part to have it vanquished.

I am still completely bumfuzzled as to how this rumor ever got started much less spread. But I remain oddly flattered.

High school Charlotte - 1993 or 1994

High school Charlotte – 1993 or 1994

Yep – that is me in the super cool long blue plaid shorts and brown loafers with socks. And just for the record the belt is navy blue not black – because I would never (have never) worn a black belt with brown shoes – As if!

Heard any other good rumors about my  illustrious high school career? Please share!!! I love finding out this stuff.