Back on your heads!

So there’s this old joke that goes like this:

A really rotten man dies and goes to hell.  He’s told he gets to choose which kind of hell he wants to have so he wanders through and in the first section he sees people standing in, ahem, excrement up to their waist.  He then moves on to the next section where people are standing in the same filth only it’s up to their chests.  He then moves on to the next section where the nastiness went up to the people’s ankles and they’re milling about, drinking coffee and talking.  Yep, this is the hell for him, he tells the demon guard.  He joins them and that’s when he hears the whistle.  The guard yells, “Alright, assholes, coffee break is over!  Back on your heads!”

That’s what I always think of when I start back to work after time away.

Or in the words of Chrissie Hynde, back on the chain gang.