Have yourself a Mellow little Christmas…

2013-12-16 21.16.21

I love Christmas.

I love finding and wrapping presents.

I love decorating and cooking.

I love singing Christmas songs and looking at Christmas lights.


So- this year is a little weird – because I’m not doing a lot of that.


This Christmas Day I will be driving to Abilene with my mom, dad and niece to spend Christmas with my brother.

We will have Christmas lunch at the MCM Elegante buffet.


So there is no big holiday dinner fro me to prepare.


This is my husband’s ex-wife’s year to have the boys for Christmas – so there is no big Christmas morning to prepare for.


My husband will be working on Christmas Day – hospitals can’t close for holidays.


So – I gave myself the year off from pulling out all of my holiday decorations and baking like a madwoman while carefully planning out a ridiculously large feast.


Now – I did end up transforming my dining room chandelier into a snowy winter chandelier – but that is the extent of my decorating for the season.


On one hand I am a little sad  – I do really love all the hullabaloo and trimmings – and I’m pretty good at them.


But on the other hand I have been more relaxed.


I have had time to reflect on what is really important to me right now.


I am a pretty lucky person.

I have a husband I love and who puts up with the quirkier aspects of me (randomly reciting bad jokes in German – with accent – from the Monty Python book he bought me).

I have 2 parents who have been there for me and not only allowed but encouraged me to be my own person and explore ideas.

I have 2 brothers that I love very much. One married a dear friend from my childhood and is great at following his heart. The other has faced more challenges that I could ever imagined and has still managed to keep a good heart underneath it all – I wish more than anything that I could take away his pain.

I have a niece who is amazing and sweet and beautiful and owned my heart from the moment I first held her.

I have 2 boys who helped complete my heart when they came into my life

I have 2 grandmothers who have shown me what strength and love are and who inspire me constantly.

I have 5 fantastic animal members of my family who remind me daily that love should not have conditions.


I have a house that provides shelter and warmth – and a reminder that some style choices unfortunately live forever (baby pink tile was someone’s joke on an entire decade).


I have a job – though I would not be averse to being independently wealthy should anyone have a few million they want to just give away – and that job allows me to live comfortably.


I have an embarrassing wealth of experiences and memories and the good health and plenty of time to create more.


I am looking forward to doing it all big and elaborate again next year – but I do appreciate what this year has given me as well.


So – Merry Christmas Eve and Good Yule to all!


holiday card