Mail Merge How To Guide

Wellll, I had typed an extensive post with screenshots and everything for you and then Firefox crashed so here’s a link to a how-to guide. 🙂

This time of year it can be challenging to say the least trying to keep track of everyone and their addresses. If you’re not of the e-card variety, you probably either hand write lots of names and addresses on envelopes every year or you end up typing each name & address into a label template. Mail Merge allows you to maintain a spreadsheet (especially useful if you need to sort or if you import contact info from your phone or email client) and then pull that info into a document for labels, letters, or cards. If you set it up correctly, the process is pretty smooth and saves a fair amount of time and effort.

Does Mail Merge work for you? Ask questions below & I’ll try to help you out if you’re stuck!