Christmas Confessions

I hate “A Christmas Story”.  I mean really hate. It is a constant source of bafflement to me that this is a “holiday favorite”. And yes – I have – unfortunately- watched it.

I have never watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” all the way through in 1 sitting. I have seen the entire movie – just not all at once. I just can’t seem to feel motivated enough to sit down for a viewing.

I LOVE the original “Miracle on 34th Street”. I try to watch it every Thanksgiving.

I prefer “Holiday Inn” to “White Christmas” any day of the year.

“Imitation of Life” – both versions – have always been holiday viewing for me. If you want a story that slaps you in the face with what is really important in life while being beautifully presented – these are it.

I can’t stand Egg Nog. I dislike anything but invisible eggs anyway so the thought of putting eggs, milk and spirits together – heating – and drinking… well I may have to go throw-up before I can finish this.

Anyone who tells you they like fruitcake is either lying or should be committed. There is no such thing as a good fruitcake. there are slightly less disgusting fruitcakes – but nothing that comes anywhere near the definition of the word good.

I still believe in Santa Claus. And no- that does not mean I believe in the toothfairy- because frankly anyone who wants other people’s teeth is a little bit weird and not to be trusted.

One of the things I miss most is watching John Wayne movies with my Papa. We always watched “The Three Godfathers” on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. One of the best Christmas movies ever. We’d usually watch “The Cowboys” too.  Nothing says Happy Holidays like a marathon of John Wayne dies movies.

Warm gingerbread cake with drizzle icing is the best holiday dessert ever. Especially when Berta (my grandmother on my dad’s side) cuts the square right out of the middle for me – because it is my favorite.

My grandmother Hardy has the best Christmas cookie recipe ever. They are called old-fashioned tea cakes and they beat any sugar cookie you have ever had.

I like “Bad Santa”. No apologies – I just do.

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” annoys me – greatly.

People who put us and turn on Christmas lights before Thanksgiving are just wrong. Same for stores playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving ( September – really!?!?!?!?!?!). it si really hard to enjoy the season when you are already sick of it thanks to earlier and earlier inundations.

People who get their panties all in a bunch about “Merry Christmas” Merry X-mas” “Happy Holidays” ” Happy Hanukkah”  “Season’s Greetings” and so forth need to get over themselves and maybe try to remember what the actual point and meaning of the season is.

Good will is more than just a charity with annoying out of tune bells.1486128_10152015804541211_1875939060_o

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Season’s Greetings! Good Yule!

Yadda, yadda, yadda 😉