Ginger Pop: Five Fab Drag Moments in Family Entertainment

As you may or may not have heard, there was a big to do last week when the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade featured a performance from the cast of Broadway’s Kinky Boots. Based on the movie (which you should rent, FYI), it tells the story of a failing shoe factory owner who teams with a drag queen to turn his business around through the sale of drag shoes (and fabulous red boots). The story is about acceptance and friendship–two themes pretty common in child-friendly stories. However, Twitter blew up with parents shaming Macy’s for including something so morally corrupt. Several tweets noted that they were angry at having to explain drag to their children.

My kids weren’t even phased. They didn’t ask why the men were dressed up as women–they just laughed and danced along to the music. This is not, my friends, because we’re hanging out at drag bars. It is because, like it or not, drag is a part of childhood entertainment.


Sure it’s for love of a father, but Mulan is still a drag show–wise-cracking Mushu even calls it such. Mulan also goes both ways: she suits up as Ping and later, her buddies suit up as a trio of concubines.

Mrs. Doubtfire

This one might be for older kids, but Robin Williams as super-nanny Euphegenia Doubtfire is still hilarious. The fact that he actually gets a TV show where he talks to kids in drag is pretty darn fantastic.


A girl on film, Lassie was played by a boy. Doggie drag.

Pal as Lassie 1942.JPG

The Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood

On the nefarious side, the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood dons some frilly bed-clothes for his end game. I bet if the hunter hadn’t come, he would have hit a fabulous cabaret after dinner.


demotivational poster BUGS BUNNY


Bugs loves some drag. Seriously, any chance he gets, he’s slipping on a dress. And you’ll note that he likes to look super girlie. NO slapdash outfits for him–there are shoes, wigs, purple eye shadow, and crazy lashes. All hail Queen Bugs!

Any other drag moments in family entertainment I’m forgetting?