Lazy pre-Thanksgiving ponderings


I’m a little late getting to my post.
Discovered “Arrow” Sunday… and after 22 episodes I’m starting Season 2.
I refuse to call it “binge watching”.
The word binge has such negative icky connotations.
I’d rather call it “complete alternative reality immersion”… we can call it CARI for short
Has a better ring don’t you think?
And I’m kinda crushing on Walter -but I’ll save that for another post.
I tend to indulge in CARI rather frequently.
I tried to read a book just a few chapters a night one time. It sucked.
Why make yourself go through the agony of waiting when you don’t have to!
How can you really understand and savour the world that has been crafted by the author when are constantly pulling yourself away from it.
I find the same true for TV.
The abilty to fast-forward through commercials was the best thing that happened to TV dramas. It allows you to get lost in the story.
And that is a lovely thing.

And now I’m off to season 2.