Random life knowledge

Blistex survives the washing machine better than any other brand of chapstick.

No chapstick survives the dryer.

In a house with 2 dogs, 2 cats and a small parrot… the 8 inch parrot will rule and the other animals will accept this.

USB drives do not survive the washer – ever.

It will always be easier for others to set something right above or beside the trash can than to actually put it in the trash can. (even when said trash can is less that 6 inches from where they have no problem setting it)

You will realize you need to do something messy only after you have finished getting dressed for the evening – and you will try to “just do it carefully” – and you will fail

If there are 4 of you and 5 or 9 slices/pieces of dessert – it is your duty to eat that odd piece to even it up for everyone else.

You will realize you need to fill up your car right after you have pulled out of the HEB parking lot and while you wait at the light you will debate with yourself whether you should turn around and fill up or get your groceries home and then go fill up. Important factors include – temperature outside, quantity of frozen or refrigerated products bought, wait time at the pump. Needless to say pretty much the entire summer in Midland, TX makes this an automatic “don’t you dare turn off the AC – get those groceries home ASAP – as your vanilla ice cream is quite possibly already vanilla milk”

You can staple the sole of your shoe back on – as long as you are very careful about where you put the staples (and take it off your foot first)

You should always wear pants or some other leg covering while curling your hair with a hot curling iron.

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