yogaLike most people, my life is pretty stressful from time to time.  Actually, who am I kidding – my job means that I’m pretty stressed most of the time.  I’m also pretty time poor, to use that rather awful expression.  As 2013 has progressed, I’ve found myself becoming more stressed and even more tired due to work pressures and life in general.  Somehow, through all of this, I have found myself turning to yoga as my crutch.

I am the most non-yoga person you could ever imagine.  I am not bendy (although I can touch my toes), I am not particularly strong, and I am definitely not particularly zen.  In the past, I’ve tried yoga on the odd occasion, failed to get my favourite cardio high and felt uneasy because of the different breathing patterns and the uncomfortable thoughts and emotions that yoga inevitably brings to the surface for me.  However, my employer started offering on site yoga classes once a week and I started going.  Regularly.  My frequent attendance was more a function of the fact that we had to pay for 4 classes upfront (I’m all about value for money!), but gradually I began to realise that I looked forward to the class.  I was referring to that one hour block in my calendar on a Monday evening as “sacred” and making comments that “no one comes between me and my yoga session”.  I needed the head space and reflection time that yoga brought me.  Not to mention the meditation period at the end.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am very bad at yoga.  My balance is shocking, my hips don’t seem to open out as far as anyone else’s, I’m constantly falling out of poses through general clumsiness, and I regularly spend time on the mat in floods of tears.  Who knew that yoga was so good at bringing emotions to the surface?  Sometimes I wonder why I keep persisting, but then I remember – that moment when breath and pose and mind all come together at once is what makes it worthwhile and what we yogis (yes, I went there) strive for in our practice.  Those moments are what keeps me coming back again and again to my yoga mat.

Yep, I’m a convert.

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