Find Your Happy Place

When you retreat to your “happy place”, where does your mind take you?
These thoughts/memories never fail me.

1. Watching the Mandrell Sisters Show – man, these women were incredibly talented.  Irlene always seemed a little lost to me, but she sure did her best to keep up with Louise & Barbara.  I couldn’t wait for this show to start when I was little.

2. Carol Burnett – I was absolutely in stitches watching some of the skits from her show, but my all time favorite bit of hers is in her role as Miss Hannigan in Annie, singing “Little Girls”.

3. Brushing my mom’s hair at the end of the day.

4. Listening to my dad talk as I lay my head on his chest.

5. Holding my children.

6. My husband’s smile.

7. The Golden Girls

8. Mairead (Celtic Woman Violinist) – seriously, you’ve got to watch her play if you haven’t seen it already.

9. Designing Women

10. This:

What makes you happy?