Chaos is for Sissies

BY048 Order and Chaos, by listentoreason, on Flickr

BY048 Order and Chaos, by listentoreason, on Flickr

My Chem I professor once told me that the universe prefers chaos.  At the time, that statement blew my mind.  When I consider that same statement now, it makes perfect sense.  It’s EXHAUSTING to hold things in order.  It’s DIFFICULT to maintain structure.  It’s TOUGH to stick to a routine.  It takes LOTS of HARD WORK and DEDICATION to keep your own poop in a group let alone that of your entire family.  Chaos is less restrictive and therefore less of a chore.

This month is going to be especially challenging.  Order, structure, and routine will be especially important.  Without those, all is not right in my world.  Some people (and the universe, don’t forget!) prefer chaos.  I am not one of those people.  This month would be easier if chaos were to be accepted as a way of life.

I’m going in…cover me.