Dragon Con 2013

By Carrie Pokrefke

I went to Dragon Con. Yes, the non Sci-Fi, fantasy woman that I am went to Dragon Con. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, but it was pretty cool. Dragon Con is laid out between 5-6 buildings in downtown Atlanta. It’s on Labor Day weekend from Friday until Labor Day. There are tons of events, a parade, and more. I only went on Saturday and attended two panels on the writing track and one podcast panel. They were all really good and fun!

After my first time there, I came up with some tips:
– Dress up! But remember, it’s Atlanta. On Labor Day weekend. And it’s hot. I admired the people who had a serious costumes on, even those with face paint, but it was hot outside.
– Wear comfy shoes
– Download the Dragon Con app
– Learn the buildings ahead of time so you can plan your strategy to make the most of your time.
– Pack food. I spent my “spare” time running between panels, which meant running between hotels. I was glad to have food to eat while I was sitting in my different panels. I wouldn’t have had time to eat otherwise.
– Bring a water bottle b/c they have water stations set up and you can refill your bottle.
– Hand sanitizer
– Pen and paper to take notes if you go to any of the panels